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Minical API for PMS partners.

1. Introduction

Welcome to our API reference!

REST APIs (which are a type of web API) involves requests and responses, not too unlike visiting a web page. You make a request to a resource stored on a server, and the server responds with the requested information. The protocol used to transport the data is HTTP. “REST” stands for Representational State Transfer.

2. Get an API key

If you would like to use the PMS API, please request an API key here:

Go to the Settings page Settings -> API Access

You will find here the "Enable API access" switch When you enable it, an API key will be generated in the input box just below the switch then update the settings page. From there you can copy this Key and set it in the HTTP header

X-API-KEY : c74d8325xxxxxxxxxxxxxxf2ed17fc7

The X-API-KEY and company_id will need to be submitted with every request

3. Data Format

The API operates with the JSON data format.

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API can be accessed by placing the JSON in the request body. Always use the correct method (mentioned with every request) to send requests to us.

JSON (raw): Set the HTTP header Content-Type: application/json and pass a raw UTF8 encoded json body.

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